Procedure Awareness Statement

Trillium Student/Parent Procedure Awareness Statement

My signature below indicates that I have received and read the Trillium Student/Parent Handbook. I have also read the Trillium School Rules and Code of Conduct, the schools AM and PM Safety Procedures, the No Rescue Policy, the School Telephone Policy, the Prohibited Electronic Devices, the Schools Dress Code, the Attendance Policies, the Schools Right to Search Policies, the Student Driver Regulations, Grade Promotion Testing, Emergency Card Procedures and the Internet Usage Policy.

My signature also indicates that my student and I have read, understand, and agree to the Parent Involvement and Commitment Statement below and the Student Expectations on the reverse side:

Parent Involvement and Commitment Statement
By enrolling your child at Trillium Academy, you have chosen to participate in a unique educational experience that actively involves both you and your child.

We ask that you demonstrate your commitment to Trillium Academy by…
• Ensuring your child will attend school on a regular basis. He/she should attend school unless he/she is unable to function at school due to illness. We also ask that you schedule vacation in conjunction with school breaks and holidays.
• Ensuring your child will be on time to school each day. Being on time is critical to minimizing interruptions to instruction and learning time for all children in a class. One child being 5 minutes late each day means a loss of two full school days in a school year for the entire class. Consider the loss over time when there are multiple tardies. Respect the need to have your child at school on time.
• Provide your child with the necessary materials and time to complete assignments requiring library references, computer access and other research materials.
• See that your child is dressed properly in adherence to the dress code policy.
• Attend conferences and communicate with your child’s teachers to monitor progress and to address questions and concerns as they occur.
• Read and return, on time, as requested, all informational materials sent home by the school and classroom teacher in order to ensure good communication.
• Adhering to policies and procedures within this handbook and at the school including behavior in the parking lot and on school grounds.
• Responding respectfully and appropriately to all staff, students, parents, and guests within the Trillium community and at the school.
• Complaint Procedure: If you have a disagreement with a teacher or the administration, you should make every attempt to settle the problem with that person, without involving others. Should it not be settled, the two should go to the next line of authority to arbitrate the difficulty (Teacher→ Vice Principal→ Principal→ Superintendent→ Board of Directors). It is the goal of Trillium Academy to respond to complaints and problems as soon as possible.

Please check yes of no for the following questions.
My High School student has permission to walk off of school grounds if they do not have a ride at 3:45 on a regular school day, 12:00 on a half day, and following any after school event (For High School Students Only). Yes No . My HS student has permission to take their younger sibling with them when they leave school grounds under the previous guidelines. Yes No . Trillium Academy will not be held responsible for their supervision once they leave school grounds under these circumstances.

My child is allowed to have their picture taken by school employees or designees during the school day or during any after school Trillium event and used for school purposes of media, marketing, publicity, or recognition. Yes No

Student: I understand and will abide by the User Agreement and rules for Internet use stated in the handbook. I understand that any violation of the regulations above is unethical. Should I commit any violation, my access privileges may be revoked, school disciplinary action may be taken, and/or appropriate legal action may be instituted.
Yes No

As the parent or guardian of this student, I have read the User Agreement and the rules of computer use at Trillium Academy. I understand that access is designed for educational purposes. I recognize it is impossible for Trillium Academy to restrict access to all controversial materials, and I will not hold the school (or any of its personnel) responsible for materials acquired on the network. I hereby give my permission to allow Internet access for my child. Yes No

My signature indicates that I have read, understand, and agree to the items listed in this document and that the student may be dismissed from the Academy if not adhered to.

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***If this form is not returned to your child’s homeroom teacher by Friday, September 21st, 2012, your child will not be permitted to attend class***


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