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Educational Excellence + Family Support + Community Involvement | Together, we are so much stronger

Community Engagement:

Our staff knows our students and their parents. As a school, we are at our strongest when we all work together to provide the students with an exceptional education. We understand the incredible resources available to us throughout the metro Detroit region and expose our students to a variety of experiences. We encourage parents to get involved, not just with their own child, but with the school as a whole. We reach out into the community, asking for support, attendance, and increased engagement with our school and our students. 

College Focused Academics:

College bound is not just a nice saying, it is a careful plan that we set into motion for all our students. From the early years, we teach our students that hard work and persistence will carry them into a vibrant future. Compared to neighboring schools, more of our students go to college and stay in college. We employ a full time Alumni Success Coach who is responsible for preparing students for college and supporting them after they leave our school. As of the writing of this plan, 90% of Trillium students graduate in four years; 69% go to college immediately following graduation; and 75% return for at least a second year of college. 

Strong Character Values:

Trillium is not just a school, it’s a way of life. We strive as a school community to teach strategies of success to all who cross our path, include positive habits of character. Everyone needs help sometimes from a smile to a hug to a shirt to food and a home. We teach and understand that caring and giving to others is reciprocal. It gives us hope that people care enough to help when you need it and you are not alone. We believe that one person can make a difference and that no gesture of kindness and generosity is too small. We utilize Positive Behavior Support at Trillium. This means that we seek to maintain a preventative and positive environment in the school. This develops students who are respectful, responsible, and resourceful citizens. 

Arts and Student Passions:

Our K-12 students enjoy a full array of course in Find and Performing Arts, from drama to music, to visual arts and orchestra. We celebrate creativity, offering our students a full array of fine and performing arts classes. Painting, orchestra, play productions, show choir, and more. Our students are empowered to express themselves. When students are encouraged to develop their passions, it fuels all areas of learning. 

Team Excellence:

We believe that high quality teachers are one of the best gifts we can give our students. Trillium is dedicated to recruiting and retaining a staff comprised of educators who are committed to growth and excellence in their field. The staff is empowered to provide the education they think is in the best interest of their students, uses unique techniques and methods that have shown to provide results. 


As a charter school, it is imperative that finances and resources are balanced and sustainable. The board of directors understands the importance of their role and are passionate advocates for the school as a whole and the students individually. While being sustainable is not a unique characteristic, the way in which Trillium’s board, staff, and student engage is. 

Trillium’s uniqueness comes in our laser focus on those six areas. We understand that we cannot be all things to all people, and thus have chosen these areas as our core. As with all schools we have limited resources and thus, will make strategic decisions about what does, or does not, move forward based on our strong belief in these six focus areas.

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